The last two decades have seen an increase in internationalization from emerging market
multinationals (EMNCs) through outward foreign direct investment (OFDI). This
internationalization phenomenon, as well as the growing importance of emerging
economies, has led to an increase in interest from researchers in the international business

Research to date has focused mainly on Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) and few other emerging markets (EMs), namely Mexico, Turkey, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is notable that Sub-Saharan Africa MNCs have received little attention in the global business arena, despite the tremendous growth which the sub-continent has seen in the last decade both in their cross border and regional expansion. It has been suggested that Sub-Saharan Africa is a unique ecosystem for the development of MNCs and is home to over 800 million people.

This Africa sub-continent should no longer be ignored in international business research,
given its considerable diversity in terms of resources, political systems, cultural diversity and
economic structures .

More so, the IMF forecast for 2011-2015 placed seven African economies in the 10 fastest
growing economies in the world. Sub-Saharan Africa appears also to be producing some of
its own emerging high profile multinationals, especially from countries such as Nigeria,
Kenya, Angola, South Africa and Ghana etc.

These multinationals cut across a wide range of sectors, taking advantage of their home country resources and recent economic growth to internationalize.

It was in a quest to balance the equation that IPARS Research was formed .

IPARS research aims to fill the gap in the literature and to provide insight into the development of a broader and more generalizable strategic framework for Sub-Saharan Africa and global multinationals.

In all the countries, we strategically work with experience local interviewers who under close supervision, collect data on our behalf. The arrangement Guarantees full extraction of Information through complete probing as our team in those countries are multi –lingual.